MODEL: M-180S-ML with Filter Kit / PART #: 110612-01

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Model:M-180S-ML with Filter Kit
Part No.:110612-01
Flowrate (GPM / L/min):18 / 68
Voltage:12-Volt DC
Type:Rotary Gear Pump
Duty Cycle (On / Off):30 min. / 30 min.
Nozzle:Manual Leaded
Power Cord18 ft. (5.5M) x 12/2 AWG
Inlet / Outlet Size:1 inch NPT / 1 inch NPT
Dispensing Hose:1 inch NPT x 12 ft. (3.7M)
Suction Pipe:Telescoping, 15 inch to 40 inch (38cm to 101cm)
Filter Kit10 Micron Particulate Filter, 1-inch NPT Filter Adapter and Pipe Fitting
Warranty:2 Year Pump
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As a GPI best-seller, the M-180S provides longer run times and reliable performance year-over-year. The GPI M-180S series is the pump of choice for agricultural, automotive and construction applications dispensing gasoline, diesel fuel, and kerosene with flow rates up to 18 GPM (68 L/min). The M180S-AU features a self-priming rotary gear design, a 12-volt (dc) motor, and a lightweight cast aluminum body that resists corrosion. The included 18 GPM (68 L/min) particulate filter kit with 10 micron nominal filtration to remove fuel contaminants that can damage your equipment. This GPI M-180S-ML/Filter transfer pump and filter combo is UL Listed and comes with a manual leaded nozzle for ease of use, a telescoping suction pipe to fit tank depths between 15" and 40", convenient spin collar for easy installation, a lockable nozzle holder to deter theft, a fuel hose, and a factory-installed, 18-ft. (5.5 m) power cord.


Compatible with gasoline blends up to E15, diesel blends up to B20 and kerosene. Refer to Owner’s Manual for full list of fuels.


  • Attached Power Cord, 18ft. (5.5m)
  • Dispensing Hose, 1” NPT x 12ft. (3.6m)
  • Tank Adapter
  • Telescoping Suction Pipe, 1” NPT x 15” to 40” (38cm to 101cm)
  • Manual Leaded Shut-off Nozzle
  • Lockable Nozzle Holder
  • Filter, 10 Micron Particulate
  • 1” NPT Filter Adapter & Pipe Fitting


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