1. Always Made in America Quality

Family owned and operated with all design and manufacturing right here in Kansas, GPI pumps are Made in America.

2. GPI Pumps Simply Last Longer

In tests by an independent lab, GPI pumps run up to 3x longer than competing products with unmatched product performance.

3. Live, Customer Support

Live customer support based at factory in Wichita along with a 2-year over the counter warranty. (800) 835-0113

4. Continuous Product Improvements

  • Factory-installed power cord on DC products for quick and easy install
  • Unique spin collar mount design for easy install
  • Use of durable aluminum housings that never rust
  • Telescoping suction pipe with triple-seal, no leak design that outlasts others
  • Easy access strainers protect pumps from debris

5. All From a World-Class Manufacturer

  • Products sold worldwide
  • #1 retail brand in North America
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality Management System
  • Manufacturing of quality products that support U.S. workforce

Congratulations! You just chose the best fuel transfer pump for the job. Our dedication to better performance, better quality and lower cost will provide you with the performance and life you expect. See our full line of fuel products to choose the fuel pump for you.

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We're sorry you aren't ready to upgrade to GPI. We are confident our innovative, reliable products are superior and encourage you to buy the pump that has been proven tough everyday in the frozen Oil fields of North Dakota, the sprawling ranches of west Texas and anywhere fueling needs to happen on-site. Find out more about GPI. Find out more about GPI.

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