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    Model DesignationQM240NQM150N
    Part Number139121-06139121-07
    Unit of MeasureU.S. GallonLitre
    Flow Range2 to 40 GPM8 to 150 LPM
    Typical Accuracy: Diesel+1/2% to -1/4% (2 to 40 GPM)
    Typical Accuracy: Unleaded-1/2% to -2% (2 to 20 GPM / 8 to 75 LPM)
    -1/2% to -3% (2 to 40 GPM / 8 to 150 LPM)
    Operating Temperature-40° to 125° F / -40° to 52° C (-20° to 125° F UL)
    Maximum Working Pressure50 PSIG / 3.4 Bar
    Wetted Materials:
    Housing / Cover / FittingsAluminum
    RotorsPPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide)
    Shafts / StrainerStainless Steel
    SealsNBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber)
    Mag-DriveAcetal, Stainless Steel and Neodymium (Nickel Plated)
    Inlet/Outlet Ports1" NPT (female)
    1” NPT (female)
    Pressure Drop (psi)0 @ 5 GPM / 19 LPM
    2.0 @ 20 GPM / 75 LPM (3.0 Diesel)
    4.5 @ 40 GPM / 150 LPM (7.0 Diesel)
    Maximum Batch Total999.99999
    Maximum Cumulative Total9,999,999.9099,999,999
    TechnologyPositive Displacement Oval Gear
    ApprovalsUL 25
  • QM240 Meter Dims
  • QM Meter Kits-and-Acc
    A139500-01KIT, SEAL: Includes(1) housing O-ring, (2) fitting O-rings, (1) back plate O-ring
    B139500-02KIT, FITTING, 1” NPT: Includes (2) fittings, (2) fitting O-rings, (1) strainer, attaching hardware
    C139500-03KIT, FITTING, 1” BSPP: Includes (2) fittings, (2) fitting O-rings, (1) strainer, attaching hardware
    D139500-04KIT, KNOB ASSEMBLY: Includes (1) knob assembly
    E139500-05KIT, COUNTER ASSEMBLY: Includes (1) counter assembly, attaching hardware
    F139500-06KIT, ROTOR: Includes (1) rotor set
    G139500-07KIT, COVERPLATE ASSEMBLY, GAL: Includes (1) assembled coverplate (gears, mag drives), housing seal, attaching hardware
    H139500-08KIT, COVERPLATE ASSEMBLY, LITRE: Includes (1) assembled coverplate (gears, mag drives), housing seal, attaching hardware
    I139500-09KIT, CALIBRATION SCREW: Includes (1) calibration screw , (1) O-ring
    J139500-10KIT, BACK PLATE: Includes (1) back plate, (1) O-ring, attaching hardware
    K139500-11KIT, TOP COVER, GALLON: Includes (1) top cover w/gallon decals, attaching hardware
    L139500-12KIT, TOP COVER, LITRE: Includes (1) top cover w/litre decals, attaching hardware
    M139500-13KIT, MIDDLE COVER: Includes (1) middle cover, attaching hardware
    N139500-14KIT, STRAINER: Includes (1) strainer
    -139500-15KIT, UNLEADED FUEL, QM240: Not shown
  • Also available with GPRO Fuel Transfer Pumps - Click Here to Learn More
    pro20-115ad_qm240g8n-360 pro35-115ad_qm240g8n


The FLOMEC® QM240 and QM150 Series Fuel Meters are extremely accurate, flexible and reliable. So accurate in fact, they "Make others look like they're just guessing".

Here's why:

  • HIGH PRECISION → 20X More Precise on GPRO 20GPM pump, 4X Higher Accuracy: 1/2% Overall
  • MORE CAPACITY → 40GPM VS 30GPM, 33% More Flowmeter Performance
  • NO LEAKS → NO SEALS → Frictionless Magnetic Drive Technology
  • ACCURATE LOW END → 3x Better - Accurate to 2GPM vs 6GPM
  • LOW PRESSURE DROP → 4psi vs 12psi Pressure Drop at 35GPM (1psi at 10GPM)
  • MORE FLEXIBLE → Versatile Rotatable Mount
  • NO CALIBRATION → Positive Displacement Oval Gear Technology - NO Calibration Required

To order this meter contact your local distributor, call (800) 835-0113 or email


  • The UL Approved version of this meter is for use only with thin viscosity petroleum fuels such as gasoline, gasoline-ethanol blends at levels designated as "gasohol" (E10 maximum), diesel and kerosene.
  • The non-UL Approved version of this meter is for use only with diesel fuel and kerosene.


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