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Top Three Reasons To Buy A GPI G20

GPI® recently introduced the G20, the first pump in our new Quick-Fit Modular line. It has some incredible features that make it your best choice for your next fuel transfer pump. Here are the top three reasons to buy the G20:

1. It’s “True 20” At The Nozzle

Flow rate is important to consider when buying a fuel transfer pump. The higher the flow rate, the faster it can fill your equipment. The G20 is a “true 20” GPM at the nozzle. Most of the time, the flow rate is measured at the pump head. However, from the pump head, the fluid being transferred will still need to be pushed through accessories like the hose and nozzle, producing a lower flow rate. The G20’s flow rate was measured after attaching a 14-ft. hose and automatic shut-off nozzle, ensuring a “true 20” GPM.

Quick-Fit Modular products feature a simple four-bolt connection with no-leak flange and O-ring.

2. New Quick-Fit Modular Design

For most pumps, adding accessories can be a time-consuming process requiring pipe fittings, tape or sealant. The G20 features an innovative design with Quick-Fit Modular connection points that make attaching accessories fast and easy. These simplified connection points include a no-leak flange and O-ring, so you don’t have to worry about threaded pipe leaks.

Are you interested in adding Quick-Fit Modular accessories to a G20? To attach a filter, there’s the Quick-Fit Filter Adapter Kit – a cast aluminum Quick-Fit Filter Adapter with a 10-micron filter. Or connect the new M30 fuel meter to the G20. The M30 Quick-Fit Modular Fuel Meter has a durable cast aluminum body and offers affordable accuracy, versatility, and a magnetic drive. Or add both the Quick-Fit Filter Adapter Kit and M30 Meter to the G20 for a complete, modular fueling station!

Add a Filter

Add a Meter

Or add both!

The composite material of a GPI gear provides high strength, broad temperature toleration, dimensional stability, and self-lubrication.

3. Rotary Gear Design

The G20 gear pump transfers fluids by carrying the fluid around two rotating, meshing gears. With fewer moving parts than a vane pump, the gears encounter less friction, and there’s less wear on the components. Additionally, the gears in GPI gear pumps are made of an engineering grade composite polymer. This same material is used in the automotive industry for parts like ABS brake pistons, camshafts, and more. This reinforced composite material provides high strength, broad temperature toleration, dimensional stability, and self-lubrication. To sum it up, fewer moving parts plus durable components equals an extended pump life with minimal maintenance.


If you’re looking for a high GPM gear pump with a quick and easy install and superior Quick-Fit accessories, then the G20 Quick-Fit Modular Fuel Transfer Pump is for you!  Plus it’s all backed by a two-year, over-the-counter warranty and GPI’s stellar, U.S. based product support department.

Learn more at the G20 product page!

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