Transportable Fuel Transfer Pumps

Simplify Fuel Management at Every Jobsite

, Portable Fuel Transfer Pumps for Construction Companies, GPI, GPI

Great Plains Industries manufactures portable fuel transfer pumps for construction companies of every scale. Our mobile products come in a wide variety of models, each with their own unique benefits for your job site. Every fuel pump we provide is not only durable but also easy to put together and operate.

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The Advantages of GPI’s Portable Fuel Transfer Pumps

Our portable electric fuel transfer pumps come in different models, which include (but are not limited to) the G8P, and our flagship product: the G20, a 12 volt fuel transfer pump with 20 gpm. Here are some of the advantages they provide:

Designed for Heavy-Duty Use

Our portable diesel fuel transfer pumps feature a rotary gear design. This has fewer moving parts than traditional pumps, which translates to less friction and wear.

Quick and Easy Installation

The mobile pumps we manufacture have spin collar mounts, making them a breeze to put together and adjust for the right orientation.

Comprehensive Customization

Most of our pumps are modular, which allows you to customize your equipment according to your job site needs. They’re compatible with a vast range of accessories we also provide.

Why Choose GPI?

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Trusted Products

Our company has been in the fuel pump manufacturing business since 1972. We provide quality products to businesses in various industries. Our customers continue to trust us because we consistently deliver high-quality and reliable pumps and meters.

Stringent Standards

We manufacture our pumps in our American facility, with over 200 employees. Our production and quality assurance team works closely together to ensure that every product we ship out works according to spec. This is especially important for our G20 model, a 12-volt fuel transfer pump that has a consistent flow rate of 20 GPM.

Comprehensive Catalog

We are your go-to shop for all fuel pumping needs. Apart from mechanical and hand-operated pumps, we also provide durable accessories and accurate fuel meters and flowmeters.

Time is Money: Make The Most Out of Your Project

Undoubtedly, working in construction is a race against time. Competitors and contractors ask for a little more every day, and you rely on your equipment to be at its best throughout the length of your project.

That is why we have designed portable fuel transfer pumps that can withstand the heavy use you require from your equipment. These allow you to refuel your vehicles without having to pay an extra, time-consuming trip to the gas station.

Moreover, if you are working in a remote location or site, a simple refueling trip can be highly pricey, both in terms of money and time. Having a refueling station on-site can reduce these expenses and allow you to focus on the current project.

At Great Plains Industries, Inc., we know that the kind of refueling your construction company needs is radically different from the one happening for recreational vehicles. Indeed, within our collection of portable fuel transfer pumps and portable electric fuel transfer pumps, you can find sturdier, more resilient models. We have designed these for heavier duties and to withstand debris, and wilder environmental conditions.

These pumps are ideal for:

  • Tractors
  • Agricultural machinery
  • All-terrain vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Lorries
  • Excavators
  • Bulldozers
  • Loaders
  • And many more!

What To Expect From Our Pumps

Among the many models that compose our unique collection of portable fuel transfer pumps, you can find lightweight, unobtrusive, and easy to move models that are also highly versatile. However, we know that a construction project and site can be in use for months at a time, sometimes years. While versatility is indeed a concern, employing sturdy, tough, and durable pieces of equipment is paramount.

, Portable Fuel Transfer Pumps for Construction Companies, GPI, GPI
, Portable Fuel Transfer Pumps for Construction Companies, GPI, GPI

The Specs

Here are only some of the specs that make our pumps unique on the market:

  • Lightweight, yet durable designs
  • Easy and safe installation processes. Our manuals will guide you through each phase of the procedure.
  • The aluminum body of each GPI brand pump ensures higher resistance to corrosion as well as reducing stress on the tank.
  • Compatible with several types of fuels, including ethanol blends, diesel, gasoline, or kerosene. If you need a specific pump, you can find portable electric fuel transfer pumps and portable diesel fuel transfer pumps in our collection.
  • Thermal overload protection
  • GPRO models boast a rotary vane design that aims at reducing wear and tear.
  • A spin collar that makes installation and mounting a straightforward process
  • A circuit breaker motor protection which increases the motor’s life
  • Some models are preferable for permanent mounting


Aside from making the most out of your day on the construction site, another essential aspect is safety. At GPI, we understand how important it is, especially in construction, to always maintain the highest levels of health and safety in the workplace. That is why we only use sturdy, resilient materials, combined with our several decades-long experiences in fuel pump engineering.

You can expect high handling safety levels from any of our pumps. At the same time, the lockable nozzle holder protects fuel from thieves and other criminal acts. Indeed, we understand the importance of protecting your investment and assets, especially while on the job site.

We Are Here to Help You

At Great Plains Industries, Inc., we believe in supplying any of our customers with as much support and help each driver needs along the way. Whether you require an expert opinion before purchasing a model or you are having trouble with installation, mounting, or maintenance, we are always just a phone call away.

Guidelines and manuals

While we strive to make it easy for our customers to get in touch with us, we also want you to be independent in your choices and use of our products. Therefore we have crafted step-by-step guides for each of the pumps in our collection. In these manuals, you can find mounting procedures, as well as maintenance and safety tips.


As you are now familiar with, here at Great Plains Industries, Inc., we only use the highest quality materials, assembled to yield seamless and durable performances. Of course, each of our models can prove itself worthy of the purchase. However, we believe in building relationships with each of our clients, so we offer you a covering 2-year or 4-year warranty for our pumps.

Great Plains Industries, Inc. is a trusted liquid transfer equipment manufacturing company. We’re home to the FLOMEC, GPRO, and GPI-brand pumps, which are used by businesses in different industries, including construction. We’re dedicated to consistently providing both superior-quality products and superior customer service. For manual or powered fuel transfer pumps, you can trust GPI to take care of your needs.

Call us today to find the ideal fuel pump for your job site needs.