3 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Fuel Transfer Pump

1. Usage

What type of work are you doing? Determine whether your application is considered “Standard” or “Commercial” Duty Use.

2. Installation

What type of Fuel Storage Tank you are using. Is it a FIXED 115 volt or a MOBILE 12 volt?

3. Size

What is the size (volume) of your Transfer (storage) Tank? What size Equipment Fuel Tank are you filling?

GPI Standard Duty Fuel Transfer Pump are valuable for a variety of uses. Lawn Mowers, Small Tractors & equipment, ATVs, Snowmobiles,  Racing, General Automotive, and Electrical / Plumbing Contractors could all benefit from one. Our Standard Duty Mobile pumps range from 8 GPM to 15 GPM and require a 12V DC power supply. Our Standard Duty Fixed pumps range from 12 GPM to 20 GPM and require a 115V (or 230V with modification) AC power supply.
GPI's Fuel Transfer Pumps for Commercial and Heavy Duty use are used in a range of industries including at Construction Sites, Logging and Mining Operations, Oil Exploration, and Large Farm Equipment. Our Commercial Duty Mobile fuel transfer pumps offer from 15 GPM to 20 GPM and require a 12V or 24V DC power supply. Our Commercial Duty Fixed pumps provide from 20 GPM to 25 GPM and require a 115V or 230V AC power supply.

Easy Selection Guide

Download a PDF copy of the “Fuel Transfer Pump Easy Selection Guide”