Great Plains Industries Announces New Organization
Company also realigns its family of brands

WICHITA, Kan. – Following its recent acquisition of Australian-based Trimec Industries, Great Plains Industries, Inc. (GPI) in Wichita, Kan., has announced consolidation of its customer segments into new market sectors to help the company align its product and brand portfolios going forward.

The company also announced a realignment of its family of industrial, commercial and retail brands to optimize GPI’s broader product mix and new brand assets.

Historically, GPI has served end users in many customer segments including: fuel, agriculture, chemicals, manufacturing, retail and more.

GPI has now organized these market segments into three sectors ― Industrial, Commercial and Retail. They also appointed a marketing manager to manage the product portfolio and product enhancements of each sector.

Great Plains Industries is a leading manufacturer of fuel and chemical transfer pumps, as well as a leading global manufacturer of inline turbine meters for measuring flow of water and water-based chemicals. Since acquiring Trimec Industries in July, the company has optimized its expanded product and customer mix, resulting in this re-organization.

“Organizing our business segments by market-type will help GPI better serve these markets by manufacturing products most appropriate for their unique sector needs,” said Victor Lukic, Great Plains Industries president and CEO.


The company will begin to execute new product plans for its sectors in early 2014, as well as a realignment for its family of brands. “After the Trimec acquisition, we needed to make choices that would maximize equity in our brands and also make the most sense to our customers across the sectors in which we do business globally,” said Lukic.

In industrial and commercial meters, the company will offer the FLOMEC™ brand, which the was acquired with Trimec Industries. FLOMEC™ is an established, global industrial brand known and trusted for highly-engineered, quality meters.

“It makes sense to roll this brand out into the U.S. market to retain and enhance the brand’s global equity,” said Lukic.

The Retail sector will seat the brand of GPI® The Proven Choice™ for its pump and meter offerings.

“We believe our customers will be very pleased by what they see next year,” said Don Stucky, U.S. sales manager for the company’s fuel division. “This realignment greatly clarifies our product and brand relationships.”

The Corporate brand itself has also received a new mark to differentiate itself from its GPI™ product brand.

About Great Plains Industries

Founded in 1968 and privately held, Great Plains Industries, Inc. manufactures quality fuel transfer pumps, fuel meters, flowmeters and Industrial instrumentation for global fluid transfer and liquid flowmeter markets. In 2013 Great Plains acquired Trimec Industries of Sydney, Australia. The company serves Industrial, Commercial and Retail sectors and goes to market under the FLOMEC™, GPro™ and GPI® The Proven Choice™ brands known for superior engineering and durability. Great Plains Industries is headquartered in Wichita, Kan., with locations in Sydney and Mexico City.

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