Great Plains Industries Acquires Trimec Industries
Acquisition supports expanding global opportunities

WICHITA, Kan. – Great Plains Industries, Inc. (GPI) of Wichita, Kan. has acquired privately held Trimec Industries headquartered in Sydney, Australia. The acquisition further diversifies the company’s flowmeter product lines, while strengthening its presence and potential opportunities in international markets.

Great Plains Industries is a leading U.S. manufacturer of inline turbine meters for measuring flow of water and water‐based chemicals, as well as a leading manufacturer of fuel and chemical transfer pumps. Trimec is a leading Australian manufacturer of oval gear, positive displacement meters with markets in Asia and Europe.

“It’s your classic synergy story with two compatible organizations creating a lot more as one,” said Victor Lukic, Great Plains Industries president and CEO. “Trimec has strong distribution that complements the company’s global distribution plan. And, we are very pleased to market Trimec’s high-quality products alongside ours.”

“We found a great company, with great people and great products, in a location that fits perfectly with the strategic growth plan for GPI,” said Susayn Brandes, president and CEO of Great Plains Ventures, GPI’s parent company.

The acquisition is key to the GPI’s strategic growth plan that calls for the addition of multiple metering technologies that offer an expanding range of flow measurement solutions. Plans call for both companies to maintain their current operations with no consolidation expected.

“We’ve worked with Great Plains Industries for many years,” said Keith Daly, a Trimec director. “Given our similar cultures and product strategies, it makes perfect sense to grow together. The Company can now access our markets and we now have access to theirs. Markets that were both previously difficult to penetrate.”

The joining of these two strong, engineering‐based companies creates a product mix that will offer customers and channel partners an expanded line to meet a wider range of metering opportunities. It also expedites research and development opportunities for the companies.

“With the support of Great Plains Industries in essential resources and future funding security, Trimec Industries can further develop new metering technologies to meet evolving needs,” Daly said. “The acquisition fits GPI’s strategic growth plan for expediting the expansion of its international markets.”

“Great Plains Industries has sold product globally dating back to the early days, but Trimec propels us into the international arena in a meaningful, sustainable way,” Lukic said. “The Company is pleased to gain a new footprint in Australia that is so close to important markets in that part of the world.”

The Trimec acquisition is Lukic’s first since taking the helm at Great Plains Industries late last year.

About Great Plains Industries

Founded in 1968 and privately held, Great Plains Industries, Inc. manufactures quality fuel transfer pumps, fuel meters, flowmeters and industrial instrumentation for global fluid transfer and liquid flowmeter markets. In 2013 Great Plains acquired Trimec Industries of Sydney, Australia. The company serves industrial, commercial and retail sectors and goes to market under the FLOMEC™, GPro™ and GPI® The Proven Choice™ brands known for superior engineering and durability. Great Plains Industries is headquartered in Wichita, Kan., with locations in Sydney and Mexico City.

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About Trimec

Founded in 1980, Trimec Industries specializes in the design and manufacture of a proprietary range of positive displacement oval gear, insertion and impeller flowmeters, ancillary flow hardware and dedicated electronic flow instrumentation.