Portable Fuel Transfer Pumps for Recreation and Hobbies

Small Size, Big Performance

, Portable Fuel Transfer Pumps for Recreation and Hobbies, GPI

Great Plains Industries, Inc. provides small electric and hand-operated fuel transfer pumps for recreational vehicles, from ATVs to snowmobiles. We combine innovative design with high-quality materials to ensure our products are lightweight, durable, and accurate. Our collection also has a wide variety of pumps and accessories to choose from, so you’re bound to find one that fits your needs and budget.

GPI Pump on construction equipment

Go Further with GPI’s Portable Gas Pumps

Love for adventures and long journeys is at the very core of driving an ATV or a snowmobile. Here at GPI, we understand that having to stop the fun to find the closest gas station might not be a driver’s idea of adrenaline. That is why we strive to meet your needs anywhere you and your vehicle are.

In the same way that today you can get anything any time you want, we believe that fuel pumps should not stay behind during this innovative wave. We are pioneers in delivering fuel to your vehicle, so you don’t need to go out of your way.

Our portable fuel pumps for transferring fuel are an ideal solution to support the energy your vehicles need to take you onto your next adventure. We provide safe and discreet solutions that will fit your requirements.

The Advantages of GPI’s Small Gasoline Pumps

Our portable and manual diesel fuel transfer pumps come in a variety of models, like the G8P, EZ8, and M-1115. Here are the benefits they provide.

Lightweight Durability

We use premium die-cast aluminum for our small gasoline transfer pumps’ housings. This material makes our products both lightweight and resistant to rust.

Comprehensive Customization

Each 12 volt portable fuel pump is easy to customize with our wide range of accessories, like filters and meters.

Huge Performance in a Tiny Frame

One of our smallest and most mobile units, the G8P, has a flow rate of about 8 gallons-per-minute (GPM). It provides gas station performance in a significantly compact frame.

Why Choose GPI?

GPI pump filling up an atv

Decades of Expertise

We have decades of experience providing high-quality liquid transfer equipment to retails as well as commercial customers. We’ve also worked with companies in various industries, from agriculture to mining. So we create a diverse collection of products.

Quality Work

Customers continue to trust us because of our consistently high-quality products. We use premium materials and the latest equipment to manufacture our no-leak and no-rust pumps.

Diverse Catalog

Apart from many types of fuel transfer pumps, we also offer fuel meters, flowmeters, and accessories. This way, you can tailor your fuel transfer system according to your operations’ needs.

Increased Performance

Just as different foods have different effects on our energy level, the type of fuel you chose to feed your vehicle can impact performance. We pride ourselves on offering portable fuel transfer pumps that can sustain any type of fuel, whether that is gasoline, diesel fuel, ethanol blends, or kerosene.

Of course, you can expect the same flow rate as the one of a gas station, to make sure your engines keep running just as smoothly.

Thanks to their versatility, our small gasoline transfer pumps have become the pump of choice for recreational vehicles. Undoubtedly, you’ll want your boats, ATVs, and snowmobiles to go further and faster while ensuring their driver’s safety.

At the same time, we know that agricultural and automotive vehicles’ drivers are after endurance, resistance, and toughness. Hence why we have designed portable fuel pumps for transferring fuel which is ready to withstand any employment, from recreational activities to heavy-duty agricultural vehicles.

, Portable Fuel Transfer Pumps for Recreation and Hobbies, GPI
, Portable Fuel Transfer Pumps for Recreation and Hobbies, GPI

The Specs

We understand that identifying the perfect pump for your needs and budget can be an intimidating job. This is why we clearly state each material used in the creation of each pump underneath its photo. Alongside this, you will be able to find a breakdown of all the specs that make our portable fuel pumps for transferring fuel such excellent pieces of engineering.

From each, you can expect:

  • A lightweight and easy to install design that allows the pumps to be mounted on barrels and small tanks.
  • Easy and secure installation procedures through convenient spin collars. Some pumps are also designed for permanent installation.
  • Compatibility with several fuel types, including gasoline, ethanol blends, diesel fuel, and kerosene. However, we also offer specific manual diesel fuel transfer pumps.
  • Aluminum body to resist to corrosion
  • Thermal overload protection

Our Certifications

Great Plain Industries, Inc. has a long story of evolution and refinement at its back. Since our founding in 1972, we have always been striving to innovate with new, innovative technologies to take over the industry.

This attitude has allowed us to stay ahead of the competition as well as provide unparalleled products to our customers. The willingness to develop and adapt has allowed us to become one of the most respected designers of fuel pumps, flowmeters, and industrial instrumentation.

Each of our products is crafted to meet national and international certifications, making them highly versatile and adaptable. Alongside our successes, we have also gained approvals and certifications awarded for adherence to global best practices, safety, and innovation.

Some of our certifications include:

  • UL Listings
  • ATEX / IECEx Approvals
  • ISOQAR Certificate of Registration

Count on our support

We know that our job is to get your vehicle fuelled up, while yours is to enjoy the driving experience. You can expect us to be by your side every step of the way without an unnecessary trip to the gas station.

While we know how critical performances are for any driver, safety, especially while on the road, is essential. You can get in touch at any point, and you can expect professional advice about the functioning of the pumps.

Our manuals and guides

As mentioned, you can expect an all-encompassing service, from the moment you pick your pump to the last refuel. To start, head over to our product pages to find comprehensive manuals that will guide you through your relationship with our product.

We have designed each of these guidelines to be easy to understand and put into practice. However, here you will find anything you need to know about installation, mounting, maintenance, repair, and good practice. But don’t worry, we are only a phone call away if you need to speak to one of our experts.

No surprises

No driver will need to be an expert in the field while shopping for our portable gas pumps. Our website provides extensive information regarding the specs of each product. These include details regarding electrical specifications, pressure-related info, materials, and operating temperature.


The high-quality materials employed to design the small manual fuel transfer pumps ensures their long life. The aluminum body provides resistance against corrosion, while the thermal overload protection aims at extending the pump’s life even longer.

However, you don’t have to trust us on this, you can have the reassurance of a 2-year warranty on each product manufactured by GPI.

Find Your Ideal Fuel Pump

Great Plains Industries, Inc. is recognized for providing high-quality fuel pumps, flowmeters, and fuel meters. We’re home to GPRO, GPI, and FLOMEC brands, which are all widely used by retail, commercial, and industrial customers. We provide fuel transfer solutions for a wide variety of industries like construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, and more.

While picking a portable fuel pump for transferring fuel can be tricky, we put all our experience and knowledge in the field at your disposal throughout the process. From the manuals you can download from our portal to the downloadable certifications and detailed specifics, you are free to explore all of our products without surprises.

However, if you are not sure where to start, our team of experts is ready to help you select a pump that fits your needs and your budget.

Call or email us today to learn more about our fuel pumps..