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Great Plains Industries, Inc. manufactures high-quality farm fuel pumps. We have a vast collection of fuel transfer equipment that fits your operational needs and budget. We also ensure that every product we provide is design to provide years of reliable service and is not only precise but also easy for you to install and operate on your own. Download our catalogs today.

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Choosing The Right Small Farm Fuel Tank Pump

Fuel tank pumps come in a range of shapes and sizes. A motorized pump can be an incredibly useful tool for farmers, and users of other medium size vehicles. In order to make the right choice when it comes to your farm fuel tank pump, it pays to understand all of your options. Depending on your operation, efficient pumping can translate into extra time or money on the back end.

Electric Fuel Transfer Pumps

Electric fuel transfer pumps come in a variety of different voltages and flow speeds. If you have used a rotary crank pump in the past, then they are similar, but instead, they use an electric motor rather than a hand crank to generate the suction you need to transfer your fluid.

In most cases, these pumps are favored by farmers and construction contractors, for fuel that needs to be transferred on-site. They can quickly and effectively transfer gasoline and diesel fuel.

Flow Rate

The flow rate refers to how quickly the fuel is being transferred from one place to another. Flow rate is usually measured in gallons per minute and is generally associated with the type of vehicle being refueled.

Ideally, the larger the tank and vehicle, the quicker the pump needs to be required to fill it. A standard flow rate for refueling lawnmowers, some small tractors, and a standard size car will need about 10 gallons per minute or less, for larger vehicles flow rates of 12-20gpm are recommended. This might change based on the size of the tank being filled.

Getting the right fuel tank pump option will mean you will never spend a minute more than you need to on refueling and maximize the time you spend in the field – and we would be happy to help you achieve this.

Manual Fuel Transfer Pump

There are a number of hand pump options that are suitable for the agricultural industry. Almost all rotary pumps are metal, and they have a metal tube that hangs down into the container that they are mounted on. The pump will generate suction when the handle is cranked. The suction will pull fuel up the tube from the container and transfer it through a rubber dispensing hose and into another container.

Usually, these pumps will be mounted to a barrel or small tank and will transfer fluids more quickly than a siphon pump – though both have their place and will be more beneficial in certain situations.

These are labor-intensive pumps because everything will be done by hand. However, manual transfer pumps are absolutely ideal for transferring fuel from a drum to the fuel tank at any location. Manual fuel transfer pumps can often be the most cost-effective option as they tend to be cheaper than electric and gas operated pumps. If you do happen to be pumping fuel into small trucks, lawnmowers, tractors, and cars, then manual pumps will be more than adequate for the job.

Manual portable fuel transfer pumps are highly-efficient for transferring small amounts of liquid and versatile as they don’t need to be hooked up to a power supply to work, so they can be used in any situation. In general, the agricultural market will benefit most often from an electric powered transfer pump.

The Advantages of Using Our Farm Fuel Transfer Pumps

We have two products that are ideal for agricultural applications: the M-150S series farm gas pump and LP-50 lever-action pump. Here are the benefits of using them for your farm:


  • Easy Installation – Installing the M-150S is a breeze. It features a spin-collar tank mount and also has the power cord factory installed.
  • Light and Strong – Its housing is made from die-cast aluminum and powder coated steel. It’s lightweight, so it doesn’t put too much pressure on your fuel tank. Plus, you don’t have to worry about rust.


  • Versatile Material – The LP-50’s housing is made of propylene, which makes it a versatile pump for agriculture chemicals, lubricants, water, antifreeze, and more.
  • No Power Needed – This is a portable, hand-operated pump that you can use to transfer liquids in areas with no power outlets.

Why Choose GPI?

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Quality Products

We manufacture our products from our U.S.-based facility. Our team consists of more than 200 employees who make sure that every product we provide meets industry standards for safety and quality.

Experienced Crew

Our company has been manufacturing farm gas pumps and other liquid transfer equipment since 1972. We also work with companies of different types and industries, from aviation to agriculture.


Due to our many years of experience, we pride ourselves in offering innovative solutions that will meet our customers’ needs.

Extensive Range of Products

Apart from agricultural pumps, we also provide automatic and manual pumps for all kinds of applications. We also manufacture flowmeters and fuel meters.

Get High-Quality Fuel Pumps for Your Farm

Great Plains Industries, Inc. manufactures a wide variety of liquid transfer equipment for different types of farms. From ag chemical transfer pumps to portable fuel transfer pumps, GPI can facilitate your operation’s unique needs.

We have strict quality standards to ensure we comply with industry regulators like Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and CSA. Reduce downtime and spend more time on the field with our high-quality, long-lasting fuel pumps. If you need information and advice on the best fuel tank pump for your needs, our friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable team will be able to help you.

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